Year 2014 Now you can download the last of the books in our MUS series, and at the same time the summary of the whole work that has been done during the project. In english. Enjoy.  English summary: Organizational Learning. A Framework for Public Administration Year 2013 Now you can download the second of the set of publications of the MUS series. The title of the publication is "Zarządzanie wiedzą w organizacjach publcznych. Doświadczenia międzynarodowe" and it presents a variety of public management practices from 12 OECD countries. The publication is in Polish only. You can download it here. On thursday 16th of may between 10 and 12 o'clock  we are organizing a seminar at which dr Karol Olejniczak and dr Adam Ploszaj will present the results of our diagnosis. It will be held in the J. Brudziński room at the Kazimierzowski Palace. The seminar is open and doesn't need confirmation. the language of lectures and discussion will be Polish.  We proudly present the first of the set of publications from the MUS series. Its title is "Organizacje uczące się. Model dla administracji publicznej". It deals with the issues of the project methodology and presents an overview of results obtained so far. It can be downloaded from our page, under the link How do polish ministries learn? Diagnosis results 2011 (in Polish only) On 19th of February a MUS project Steering Group meeting took place. During the meeting we presented the contents of the first publication of the MUS series and the organizational practices selected for implementation by co-operating ministries. The meeting ended with a lively discussion on the usefulness and issues of implementation of the practices. You can see pictures from the meeting in our gallery.  Jamie Nast who was teaching Learning Ministries Change Agents the art of Idea Mapping back in October 2012 mentioned the workshop on her blog. You can find the post with a sample Idea Maps crated during tehe workshop under: Year 2012 We are happy to announce that we have ceated a facebook profile of the MUS project. You can find us at: On 17th of December, the project team met in Cracow to discuss steps planned in the near future to implement practices for strengthening organizational learning which were chosen by ministries.  From 13 to 14 of December, together with representatives of ministries participating in the project we took part in a workshop “Leading bold change”, during which we have been building a list of stages that we need to take in order to implement proposed organizational practices. The list has been built according to an eight steps model developed by prof. John Kotters team from Harvard Business School. The workshop was led by representatives of Time for team organization.  From 19 to 20 of November, together with representatives of ministries we took part in a workshop concerning the development of abilities in critical thinking and correct argumentation using two pieces of software: Rationale and bCisive. The workshop was brought by Timo ter Berg, co-creator of both programs and the director of the company Austhink. Photos from the workshop can be seen in the gallery From 29 to 30 of october, together with selected representatives of all four ministries co-operating with the MUS project, we took part in a two day workshop on the possibilities of using the concept of idea mapping in our daily work. The tour through a fascinating world of idea mapping was guided using a professional software, by a talented master-trainer, Jamie Nast On 17th of October a discussion panel on organizational learning practices was held by the Learning Ministries project team. Invited guests involved the representatives of The Chancellery of The Prime Minister, Ministries cooperating with the project and external experts: Robert Chapman from Improvement Development Growth Limited organization from Great Britain, dr hab. Marek Kozak from the EUROREG department (Warsaw University), Prof. Michał Kulesza from the Institute ofAdministrative Law (Warsaw University), Prof. Franz Leeuw from Maastricht University, Crime and Justice Research center from Holland and Adam Leszkiewicz the president of the board of the Azoty Tarnów Group. The topic of the panel was to assess the applicability of the organizational learning practices proposed by the MUS team for implementation in involved ministries. You can watch photos from the event in the gallery On 9th of August MUS experts from Malopolska School of Public Administration met with the management of the Department of Public Administration and the Department of Information Society from the Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation. The purpose of the meeting was to present organizational solutions prepared on the basis of foreign study visits and of the analysis of Organizational Learning practices in the public sector. The discussion on the choice of the solutions to be implemented in the departments also took place. On 28th of June during a seminar „Organizational learning in polish public administration” that was held by Poland’s National School of Public Administration, we had an opportunity to present, once more, an enriched results of the diagnosis of the learning mechanism, together with a set of instruments for strengthening the organizational learning potential prepared on the basis of foreign and private experiences. We invite you to download materials prepared for the seminar and look at the pictures from the seminar. Presentation on the results of diagnosis (in Polish) Presentaion on the international organizational learning practices (in Polish) Pictures Between 17 and 28th of April we conducted a study visit to Great Britain. The purpose of the visit was to acquire knowledge on experiences and inspiring practices in the field of organizational learning, which are used in British public administration. MUS team member Jakub Rok conducted 10 interviews with representatives of public sector and academia. The respondents were employees of four ministries:  Department for Transport, Department for Education, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and three universities: King's College London, Manchester Business School and Warwick University. Additionally the perspective of a person involved in granting the standard Investors in People (IIN) was taken into consideration thanks to the aid of prof. Ewana Ferlie from King's College London. Materials acquired during the visit will help in constructing the set of good practices, which – suitably adopted – is going to help in strengthening the organizational learning processes in polish ministries. The conclusions from the visit along with descriptions of particular solutions that are suitable for polish circumstances are going to be published in a relevant study paper.  On the 29 of March 2012 dr Karol Olejniczak presented the results of MUS project at the meeting in The Hague, in The Netherlands Court of Audit. The participants were very interested in our findings as well as our research approach. Presentation was followed by a one hour discussion about similarities and differences in organizational learning between The Netherlands, US and Poland. The English version of the presentation will be published in mid-May at our webpage. Between 28 of March and 6 of April 2012 we have conducted a study visit in The Netherlands. The objective was to collect experiences and practical solutions of organizational learning and knowledge management used by Dutch public institutions. Dr Karol Olejniczak conducted interviews with senior civil servants in eight institutions: Health Care Inspectorate, Inspectorate for Development Aid and Policy Evaluation, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Netherlands Statistics Office, Court of Audit, Crime and Justice Research Center, Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy. We also conducted interviews with academics from Maastricht University and Erasmus University. The visit was possible thanks to the assistance of Prof. Frans Leeuw, Maastricht University. Currently we analyze collected data. The results will be published in a volume “Lessons learnt from The Netherlands”. On 27 of March 2012 dr Karol Olejniczak finished a three months visit in The United States. During his stay he participated in a series of meetings of The Government Performance Coalition  - informal working group of the senior civil servants and academics, working on performance management solutions. He also contributed to cycle of two seminars at George Washington University: Program Evaluation and Leadership in Complex Organizations. Karol conducted interviews in seven US federal agencies: Department of Commerce - US Census Office, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency and Government Accountability Office. The visit was possible thanks to the assistance of Prof. Kathryn Newcomer, director of The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration – The George Washington University. Currently we analyze collected data. The results will be published in a volume “Lessons learnt from The United States of America”. On 22nd of march a presentation of MUS diagnosis results in Ministry of Regional Development took place. Participants of the meeting included Director General Wacław Turek and representatives of ministry departments. The MUS team was represented by EUROREG experts (Warsaw University) Bartosz Ledzion, Karol Olejniczak and Adam Płoszaj. What is interesting the meeting involving topics connected to organizational learning mechanisms such as introduction of new solutions, was itself a sort of experiment. Karol Olejniczak was participating by means of teleconference transmission between Washington and Warsaw. With real satisfaction we would like to announce that this time the experiment was a full success. On 28th of february a meeting of the members of MUS team from Malopolska School of Public Administration with employees of former Department of Public Administration of Ministry of Interior and Administration, who are now working within two departments of Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation, Department of Public Administration and Department of Cooperation with Local Government took place. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results of the learning mechanism diagnosis. Between 6th and 17th of february 2012, a MUS expert, Dawid Sześciło, was on a study trip to Autralia and New Zealand. The purpose of the trip was to acquire information on the good practices in Knowledge Management within the central administration in these countries. During the visit Dawid Sześciło met with both the representatives of leading academic research facilities that deal with the problems of public management and public policies, and practitioners from state institutions. In Australia D. Sześciło visited the Australian National University in Canberra  where he met with dr David Rosalky and dr Andrew Podger. During the visit in New Zealand he was a guest of School of Government, a part of Victoria University in Wellington. There he had a meeting with prof. Jonathan Boston, prof. Bill Ryan, and dr Elisabeth Eppel. D. Sześciło also visited the following government entities: the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Innovation and Science, and the Ministry of Health. Between 6 and 10th of February Jowanka Jakubek-Lalik, MUS team member, conducted a study visit to Norway. In Oslo she interviewed 7 representatives of public administration organizations (working in Agency for Public Management and E-administration – Difi, Norwegian Council for scientific research, Norwegian Agency for Public Roads and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and 4 representatives of the field of management science  (working in following organizations – Partnerforum, Orgkonsult and the Norewegian Business School). The purpose of the visit was to gain knowledge on the organizational learning mechanisms within Norwegian public administration. The consequence of the visit will consist of a list of identified practices and a study report.    On the 23rd of January in the Ministry of the Environment a meeting connected with a presentation of the results of the MUS mechanism  diagnosis in public institutions took place. During the meeting, from the side of the organization the Director General of the ministry and the Director of the Bureau of Inspection and Internal Audit, and from the side of the MUS project team Bartosz Ledzion and Jakub Rok (EUROREG) were present. The purpose of the discussion that concentrated on the presented results was to deepen the understanding stemming from the research and to design prospective steps necessary to popularize the results. The conclusions will be utilized in the process of preparation of the report from the research conducted in the Ministry of Environment. In the period 16-22 January 2012 Robert Chrabaszcz (MSAP UEK) underwent a study trip to Switzerland. The visit took place thanks to the courtesy of Prof. Olivier Glassey from School of Public Administration at the University of Lausanne. The purpose of the trip was to get acquainted with best practices and the general context of knowledge management in the public institutions of Switzerland. During his stay in Switzerland Robert Chrabaszcz made a series of interviews with top-rank officials at the cantonal level of Geneve, Berne and Lausanne. He also surveyed the academic publications related to knowledge management in Swiss offices and learnt about the strategic documents binding at the level of the whole Confederation, dealing with the problems of modern organisation learning processes. The observations made during the visit have enabled to draw conclusions underlining highly utilitarian, tool-oriented approach to the question of knowledge management, weakly stressed systemic perspective of analysed issue as well as often accentuated  participative dimension of knowledge management – the necessity to involve citizens in the process of development, creation and utilisation of organizational potential in that scope. The latter appears to be related to the socio-political specifity of Switzerland, which often recalls citizens’ approach of direct involvement  in public matters, including public administration operation. Year 2011      From 12 to 16 of December Michal Mozdzen, one of MUS experts (MSAP), was on a study trip to Spanish region of Andalusia that took place thanks to a courtesy of an expert cooperating with local administration – Samuel Barco. During the interviews with experts and practitioners from e.g. regional Employment Ministry, Ministry of Economy and Treasury Ministry, he acquired a lot of information about knowledge management practices typical for Iberia. The trip allowed for acquiring a lot of practical and scientific materials concerning the issues of organizational learning in Spanish public sector organizations. On 5th of December two meetings of MUS experts from Malopolska School of Public Administration with two Ministry of Interior and Administration departments – the Department of Information Society and the Department of Public Administration - – took place. During the meeting the state of the elements constituting the MUS mechanism in the departments and the whole ministry was presented. Between 28 of November and 2 of December Dawid Sześciło, MUS team member was on a study trip in Sweden. The purpose of the visit was to assess the mechanisms of organizational learning used in Sweden governmental administration. During the visit Dawid Sześciło had an opportunity to meet, among others, with Jan Lindahl, presently the General Auditor of Sweden, and in the past the Secretary of the Government, responsible for the organization and effective functioning of the whole core of the government. He met also with the representatives of Agencies responsible for, e.g., employment within the government and programming of the development of the administrative resources. The second part of the visit consisted of the discussion with researchers working in the Quality of Government Institute of the Götewborg University. Among them was the appreciated specialist on the matters of development of public policies and the functioning of bureaucracy – prof. Jon Pierre. On 7th of November a meeting of MUS experts from Administrative Studies Unit with two Ministry of Infrastructure Departments – the Department for Maritime Transport and Shipping Safety and the Department of Control – took place. During the meeting the state of the elements constituting the MUS mechanism in the departments and the whole ministry was presented. A representative from the Office of the Director General was also present during the meeting. On the 29th of June, Poland’s National School of Public Administration (KSAP) held a debate titled Knowledge Management on Polish Public Administration. During the event we had the opportunity to present our research model and share the preliminary results of the Learning Ministries (MUS) 2011 study. We also took part in the debate How Does Polish Administration Learn? with practitioners of public management. You can find pictures of the event here.