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Our Institutions

The Project is implemented jointly by researchers from Warsaw University - European Regional and Local Study Centre (EUROREG), the Administrative Studies Unit of Warsaw University and the Malopolska School of Public Administration Krakow University of Economics (MSAP). Each of them presents a unique research approach to questions of public management. The combination of economic, legal, political and strictly managerial perspectives facilitate a thorough analysis and the ability to obtain complex results from projects.

The leader of the Project is the European Regional and Local Study Centre (EUROREG) of Warsaw University. EUROREG is an interdisciplinary research and education centre formed in 1991. The EUROREG team consists of 16 academics (including 7 professors), who possess much experience in the implementation of national and international research and consulting projects dealing with regional development policy, evaluation, administration and local government, strategic planning and innovation. EUROREG has developed expertise commissioned by the European Union concerning regional management in the context of globalization (2009) and the final evaluation of the cohesion policy (2000-2006) – analysing systems of management and implementation in the European Union (2009).

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The other representative of Warsaw University is the Administrative Studies Unit, which constitutes a part of the Law and Administration Faculty of Warsaw University. The unit is in charge of researching legal and government conditions and instruments of public management. The team consists of 7 academics and possesses a lot of experience in carrying out tasks that improve central and local administration, including works on administrative reform in Poland after 1998.

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A project partner is The Malopolska School of Public Administration Krakow University of Economics (MSAP), which is an interdepartmental unit of the  Cracow University of Economics. MSAP consists of 20 academics and delivers research, editorial and educational services. MSAP, in co-operation with national and foreign partners, has been implementing applied projects aiming to improve the operation of local and central government administration. The most important are projects developing and implementing the programmes of improving management in local administration, regional and local development, the creation of financial institutions supporting local development, international co-operation of local government as well as communication and social participation. Current projects being implemented are: the increase in the quality of local government operation and delivered services through the implementation of updated Institutional Development Programme method in Polish local communes (2009-2011) and Rapid Reaction Instrument (2009-2013).

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