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About us

International and national experts are involved in the Project implementation. Please click on the links below to see their bios. 

The Business Development Institute

Business Development Institute (IRB) – Operating since 1990, it is one of the leading consulting and training firms in the Polish market. In co-operation with the Polish Foundation of Research on Management, it carries out research activities in the field of organizational management, particularly human resource management. The Institute’s services encompasses the principal areas of business knowledge – starting from the development of managerial skills, through qualifications and skills improvement of specialists from various organizational branches, advanced courses which facilitate the attainment of new prestigious professions and finally complex support given to companies that improves their managerial processes.

To find out more about the Business Development Institute:

Diana Malinowska - Ph.D. in Psychology, graduate of psychology In the Faculty of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University. She has also studied at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Universitad de Valencia. Her research interests concern psychology of labour. She is a member of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology and has participated in a number of research projects on workaholism, leadership, relations between organisational culture and creativity of employees. Her educational interests include psychology of emotions and motivation, creativity and negotiation techniques and motivation in business. Since the end of 2009 she has worked in the Polish Foundation of Research on Management as a consultant and trainer. She develops instruments used for employee diagnosis and delivers trainings in the field of knowledge on research in organizations and improving psychosocial qualifications. She is also the author of a number of scientific publications in the area of labour psychology.

Grzegorz Grela - Graduate of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Mathematics of the Maria Curie Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin and of the Social Science Faculty of the Catholic University in Lublin. Since 2004, he has been a teaching assistant in the Department of Quality and Knowledge Management at UMCS. He has also been a consultant and trainer for IRB and in Polish Foundation of Research on Management since 2008. She has participated in research in the area of knowledge and quality management, and methods of diminishing the skills gap in companies in the aspect of organizational learning and information management. She consulted for the implementation of the Strategic Outcomes Chart of the UMCS and was a consultant and manager of computer projects, including those on knowledge management in organizations for the Business Development Institute, Polish Insurance Agency (PZU), Coca-Cola and Polish Telecommunication. She is the author of about 30 scientific publications.

Piotr Olaf Żylicz - Ph.D. in psychology. He studied psychology at the Catholic University in Lublin and in Technische Universitat in Darmstadt. He is as an executive board member with the IRB and is deputy President of management board at the Polish Foundation of Research on Management. He is a certified trainer, tutor and examiner from Noble Manhattan Coaching. He is an Associated Professor in the High School of Social Psychology. In addition to educational activities, he carries out research on the effectiveness of training and coaching. He is an MBA lecturer at the Technical High School in Warsaw and at the International Institute of Business in Ukraine. He has developed several questionnaire forms, including those which assess managerial skills, motivation to work and the level of stress in work. He has also participated in a number of business and educational projects. In the field of training he specializes in the development of managerial skills, counteracting professional hollowing of workers and counteracting stress. He is the author of several scientific publications.

The Analytical Tandem

Łukasz Widła-Domaradzki – Expert in the field of statistics and quantitative methods. For 13 years he has been working as a quantitative researcher in research institutes (SMG/KRC, Ipsos Polska). For a few years he has been dealing with the evaluation market. He delivers training in the area of SPSS computer programme and quantitative methods of evaluation. His scientific interests include: modern statistical methods and the use of statistical methods in the evaluation of European Programmes. The male half of the Analytical Tandem – a family research firm specialized in services for quantitative and qualitative research. He enjoys biking, listening to music, reading and drinking wine ­­– preferably all at the same time.

Anna Domaradzka-Widła – Ph.D. in Sociology from the Social Science Institute at Warsaw University and Fulbright fellow. Since 2005, she has been dealing with the evaluation market. She is an expert in social and evaluation research methodology as well as in quantitative and qualitative research. The female half of the Analytical Tandem – a family research firm specialized in services for quantitative and qualitative research. Principal research fields include: civil society, gender sociology and sociology of the city. She enjoys travelling and eating in nice restaurants, as well as caring about good literature and music.

Other experts

Janusz Hryniewicz – Professor of Human Science and member of the Polish Section of International Regional Policy Association, Polish Sociology Association and Collegium Invisible. An Expert in the field of organisation and management theory, economic sociology, organisational culture, as well as decision-making and management styles. Since 2003 he has been Associate Professor at Warsaw University. And since 1992 he has been associated with the European Regional and Local Study Centre (EUROREG), inter alia its Deputy Director and Supervisor of the study programme. He is the author of a number books, including: Labour Relations in Polish Organisations (Scholar 2007) and The Political and Cultural Context of Economic Development (Scholar 2004). He was awarded for his educational and research activities, including the Award of the Rector of  Warsaw University and five awards of the Rector of the Warsaw Technical University. He delivers lectures for EUROREG students on the theory of organisation and management and the sociology of organisation, economy and politics. And he is broadly experienced in managing research projects.