zmniejsz czcionke powieksz czcionke MINISTERSTWA UCZĄCE SIĘ

About the Project

The importance of horizontal equal opportunity between women and men in projects financed by the European Social Fund stems from regulations of the Amsterdam Treaty and resolutions of the European Union Council. In our project we conform to this rule both at the level of research activity as well as project management and organization.

Taking into consideration the research nature of the Learning Ministries project, a key responsibility was to account for gender differences while processing the survey data. This allowed us to analyze the acquired data with consideration for the respondent’s gender information, which will help us adapt proposed solutions to the characteristics of a particular unit.

The organization of the project is the second area of our activity. The presence of both women and men on our team allows us to be more aware of the content facilitating the possibility of strengthening gender stereotypes and to overcome the obstacles for achieving equality within the project. We act according to an analogous rule when dealing with the the steering committee, from which members regularly comment on the actions undertaken within the project.

For anyone interested in broadening their knowledge about gender equality in the PO KL (Human Capital Programme), we recommend the handbook from, the FAQ section from and also a report which includes some inspiring ideas on how to fulfil gender equality rules in projects financed by the ESF [download]. All files in Polish only.